Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sweet Joy

I got this message from Joy yesterday:

[My dearest Shane,

Thank you so much for your email, I am getting better to day and I want to thank you for caring for me.]

She must be confusing me with Dr. Williams Esquire.

[I am always happy each time I received your email and it will be my happiness to meet with you face to face.]

My friends would crap their pants if I suddenly showed up at our next get-together with Joy on my arm. (and not just because of my newfound jungle fever)

[Dearest, I have not been able to visit the office of Dr. Williams because of my health condition but I am getting better today. Please let me know your communications with him so that I can visit his office tomorrow. I will send you my pictures as soon as I fully recover from my ill health ok.]

She can reply to my e mails and visit the bank, but she can't muster up enough strength to add an attachment? What gives!??!

[Please take good care of yourself and have a pleasant day.]

Sincerely yours


She cares!


Ok, here's today's reply.
Sweet Joy,

What great news to hear you are feeling better and will be out and about today. I'm especially excited because that means you'll have the strength to send me some new pictures. I sense that you were very close with your family before their tragic deaths. I'd love to see a family picture. I bet you get your looks from your mother.

Dr. Williams informed me that the documents he has for me are on the way. I'm keeping my eye on my work mailbox to see when they arrive. I assume he sent them express.

I'm leaving on a business trip this afternoon for Las Vegas, so I won't be able to check my e mail until I get back on Sunday. I'm sure I'll have your pictures and Dr. Williams' documents waiting for me when I get back.

Love Shane


I wonder what her next excuse will be for not sending pictures. If anyone can think of another way I can inconvenience these people besides harassing them to send me pictures they don't have, please let me know. I'm open to all ideas.

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