Saturday, March 12, 2005

Dr. Syril Peco Williams Esq.

Dr. Williams finally wrote me. I was beginning to think they caught on and had given up on me. In my usual fashion, I will post his e mail in sections and follow with my snide comments.

[Attn: Sir/Madame,


I guess she didn't bother to tell him what gender I was.

[This is to confirm the receipt of your e-mail with information duly noted. I have carefully read your received e-mail.]

It was like 3 sentences and didn't have any big words. How careful does one have to be?

[Miss. Joy Kulibaly has been to our office and expressed her intention to transfer the deposited fund to your account. We shall be at your best service to ensure that the transfer is done to
your account immediately all the transfer obligations are completed.]

I could make a fortune down there teaching English grammar.

[Prior to the date of transfer, we have to obtain the Inland Tax Certificate and Affidavit of oath in your name as the fund receiver.]

The what???? Oh wait, I've got one of those in my back pocket.

[These documents are needed to ensure that the transfer is confirmed into your bank account within four (4) working days from the date of transfer. And we shall also open a non-residence account in your name immediately the transfer documents are signed.]

What am I supposed to do with a checking account in the Ivory Coast? I wonder if they have good interest rates down there.

[We want you to send the following information below to enable us obtain the required documents and also open a non-residence account in your name.]

Here it comes!!! I feel the scammy part of the scam coming on.

[1. You should send your full Legal name.

2. Your Office or Residence Address.

3. Your direct Phone Number.

4. Your International passport or working identification card.]

I'm going to have to give some real thought as to what I do at this point. It's going to be difficult to keep this going when I give them fake information.

[Immediately this is received, we shall give you more information on this transaction.

Waiting for your information.


Dr. Syril Peco Williams Esq.
Tel: +225 07 27 84 48

Hmmm... I'm off to craft my response. Stay tuned for it.

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