Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sculpture Park

This outdoor museum of sculptures sits on the far side of a South Korean island that few people bother to set foot on. Fortunately for you, I brought back photos. The massive property that sits next to the ocean is littered with art work. It may not be your style, but it's certainly interesting.

Hole in the Heads

Snake Charmer

This one looks cooler when the tide is in, and it's a metal tree lifting out of the water.


Not art, but a cool dry docked boat nonetheless.


He only plays instrumentals



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Korean Meals

I photographed some of my meals while in South Korea last week. They bring out a lot of little side dishes with each meal. I felt bad for whoever had to wash the dishes.

I ate this vegetarian meal at the Baemikumi Sculpture Park Cafe. The pickled cucumbers at the top were my favorite dish.

I was still discovering stray fish eggs in my mouth an hour after the meal. Like fishy Pop Rocks. 

This Beef Curry Soondubu was really good. They bring it out bubbling hot. 

That room temperature fried fish was surprisingly good; bones and all.

My final meal was at the Seoul Airport. I gave their fast food chain Lotteria a try. Nothing special. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

South Korea

As many of you know, I took a quick trip over to Seoul, South Korea for a few days this week. Buying some more time until I get my visa issues sorted out. I had just one day to do some exploring, so I stuck around the island where the airport was and went geocaching on 3 neighboring islands.

I stayed at the Lazy Bird Guest House, which was clean and comfortable. I recommend it. 

Their Sheltie reminded me of Heidi, our Sheltie growing up.

Gulls swarm to catch chips tossed to them from the ferry

Landing on Sindo Island.

The islands are mostly rural with a lot of crops. I liked the technique used to grow these gourds.

Rice field.

Chicken coop on Modo Island.

I spotted these outdoor exercise stations in several parks in Korea. Smart idea. 

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Takao Trick Art Museum

I went to the Trick Art Museum in Takao on Saturday with the Tokyo Single's group. There are a lot of paintings on the wall made to look three dimensional, as well as other optical illusions you can take pictures with. Here's a sampling of what it has to offer.

Fish kiss

Short and Tall

Lion's Cage


Shark Tank

Self Portrait