Sunday, June 24, 2012

South Korea

As many of you know, I took a quick trip over to Seoul, South Korea for a few days this week. Buying some more time until I get my visa issues sorted out. I had just one day to do some exploring, so I stuck around the island where the airport was and went geocaching on 3 neighboring islands.

I stayed at the Lazy Bird Guest House, which was clean and comfortable. I recommend it. 

Their Sheltie reminded me of Heidi, our Sheltie growing up.

Gulls swarm to catch chips tossed to them from the ferry

Landing on Sindo Island.

The islands are mostly rural with a lot of crops. I liked the technique used to grow these gourds.

Rice field.

Chicken coop on Modo Island.

I spotted these outdoor exercise stations in several parks in Korea. Smart idea. 


deanna said...

exercising in rice fields? fantastic.

Del said...