Thursday, October 16, 2008

College Football is for Suckers

Watched most of the BYU game tonight, but after TCU started giving them a frat house style reaming, I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m done watching football for the season. Not because I’m a fair-weather fan. No, because college football is RETARDED! It’s an all or nothing contest. A zero sum game. You either have a shot to be the #1 & #2 team, play head to head in a bowl, and determine the overall winner, OR, play some other scrub team in a meaningless bowl, and for what? A big payday for your team? Why would the fans care about that? Is that what they scream from the bleachers? "Go team! Do it for better uniforms next year! Score! We need improved fertilizer for our home field!" A bowl win is just a hollow victory.

College bowls are the stupidest idea in sports: EVER. You don’t see the NFL ending their season with random teams playing each other, and the supposed two “best” teams playing for the title, which are determined by conflicting, biased polls. It’s ridiculous. There are playoffs and eliminations, so all the best teams get a fair shot at the crown. Same with NCAA basketball. Best 64 teams duke it out. Everyone has a legitimate shot. Every game means something. The stakes are HUGE. Fans are cheering for their team to be the best in the US, not simply better than the other scrub team they have been assigned.

So now that BYU has NO CHANCE of playing for the title, why would I waste my time watching them battle it out for a chance to play in the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl or the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

Suck it college football.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was about to hit play when I realized I should take a picture of my impending enjoyment.
  • Big bowl of hot, buttery popcorn: check
  • Two cans of chilled Pepsi: check
  • Frosted mug, straight from the freezer: check
  • Big screen TV with handy remote: check
  • The Amazing Race queued up on the DVR: check
The only thing that could make this night better? Ok, two things...
  • If it were broadcast in HD, like Survivor now is
  • And maybe a cute couch-mate to watch with
That's probably asking two much.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Road Map

I get tired of running the same routes, so sometimes on my longer runs I'll map out a course through areas I haven't been through before. I have to write out directions and bring them with me so I don't get lost. This page below took me on a 16 mile tour of Highland and Lehi. Dang cold out, with a touch of snow. We should get more tonight.

Quick shout out to my dad who bested me today, going 17 miles. I'd link to his blog, but he hasn't posted in months. (hint hint)