Sunday, August 31, 2008

Neko Case Show

Went to the free Neko Case show at the Gallivan Center in SLC with Holly, Thanh, and Jay on Thursday night. I'm not a big fan of hers, but hey, it's a free show.



Holly and Thanh

Heading home

Park City Marathon Extra

If you haven't already checked out Aaron's account of his first marathon, go read it here. It's more entertaining than mine.

And some photos not taken by me:

We are the champions

Running and previewing my shots at the same time

And of course, the gayest marathon finish of all time

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Park City Marathon 2008

I ran the Park City Marathon yesterday with Scott and Aaron. This being Aaron's first marathon, we decided to run together at a slow and steady pace. I brought my camera along to document the event.

Aaron & Scott: Pre-race

Heading out at dawn

Mile 2: The clothes are coming off


Fueling up at an aid station

Newfound marathon friends: Annie & Mags

pit stop

Mile 13: Halfway there! Yes, that's me in the hat and sunglasses. It can be uncomfortable with so many people recognizing me from my blog. I try to keep a low profile.

Shoe Trees of Park City

Through downtown Park City

Over the bridge

Scott warily eyes this privately sponsored water station.

Aaron hit the wall at mile 20

Aaron ponders the throbbing pain in his knee around mile 21. He toughed it out.

One of the many art installations along the trail

Mile 25: In the home stretch

After nearly 5 hours: Success!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Xterra Wheeler Canyon Xduro

The Xterra Wheeler Canyon Xduro was the fourth and final challenge in the Utah trail race series. Not being the strongest runner in the sport, I made a point to run all four races so as to maximize my overall score. Racers can earn between 28 and 100 points for placing in the top 15 within their age group. After 3 races, I was sitting uncomfortably in 4th place.

Several other competitions were going on at the same time, including the Xterra Mountain Championship Triathlon. Top athletes from around the world were there to compete for $20,000 in cash. Their race started before ours at Pineview Reservoir. We followed about an hour later, catching many of the slower triathletes on their bikes. I passed at least 10 or more myself.
Start of the triathlon

This was a mostly uphill course, from the reservoir up Wheeler Canyon to Snowbasin Resort. Something like 11 1/2 miles. I've never been a strong uphill runner. I'm known instead for my reckless abandon on the downhill, risking injury in exchange for a better time. (see previous posts on my knee injury 2 years ago, and my minor foot injury last year) Today, however, I managed to run the entire race, only slowing to drink at aid stations.

triathlon bike exchange

I made one huge error though. Our race start caught me off guard, and barefoot to boot. After being told our start time would be pushed back, a guy with a megaphone announced the cannon would go off in 1 minute. I was still stuffing my PB&J sandwich in my mouth as the runners shot off down the road. Took me 3-5 minutes to get my gear on and give pursuit. I expounded a great deal of energy at the start to catch the main group. Live and learn.

Finish line

This was my worst finish of the four. Definitely a tough race, where I was breathing hard the entire time. I came in 44th out of 86 finishers, and only 10th in my age group, with a time of 2:00:28. I didn't feel my performance earned me enough points to make it into the top 3. Since the medals wouldn't be handed out until the awards ceremony that evening, I decided to head home.
After looking over the names of the finishers in my age group, it appears the 1st place guy didn't run the final race, so by my calculations, the 41 points I earned for 10th place should move me into 3rd overall. I emailed the series manager for conformation. Seems I may have missed an opportunity to step into the limelight at last night's awards ceremony. Ok, so it's only the bronze medal, but still...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Silver Lake Run

With the Xterra Wheeler Canyon 1/2 Marathon and Park City Marathon coming up the next two weeks, I figured I'd better get in a good elevation run. I took my truck up American Fork Canyon, taking the bumpy dirt road up past Tibble Fork Reservoir to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir.

I ran this trail once before, so I knew it would be a tough one. It starts out easy enough though.

1 of 2 stream crossings

Aspens line the trail

View near the top

View of the top

Silver Lake from the south side, at the end of the trail

Last time I just ran back down. This time i decided to hike around the lake. From the NE side

From the NW side, where the stream feeds the lake

Daisies on the west side

Hill crest on the west side

View of lake below from the west side hill

PB&J break

One last look at the lake before running back down