Monday, December 29, 2014

Peace Corps

With my increased use of Facebook, this blog has been woefully underused this past year. It's simply easier to post quick updates and photos on Facebook using my smart phone. Blogging began to feel obsolete. Well all that is about to change!

Yes, I know you've heard it all before. Promises to post on a regular basis followed by months of dormancy. But this time is different! For those out of the loop, I've spent the past year applying for (and being accepted by) the Peace Corps. I was invited to serve in Thailand; one of my top picks. I was there years before on a three week vacation and had a blast. This time around should be a little different.

Me, and about 70 other folks, make up Group 127 headed to Thailand on Jan 10th. We rendezvous in Seattle on the 9th. Time Stateside is running out. Peace Corps service is for 27 months--that's a lot to pack for. But, since I already did this before moving to Japan, it shouldn't be too complicated. I don't own a whole lot of stuff these days.

Check back here for regular updates on this new direction my life's taking.