Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puerto Viejo de Talamaca

Our final destination in Costa Rica is Puerto Viejo, on the southern Caribbean coast, just above Panama. It's a cool little beach town with a laid back vibe. I haven't taken many photos here since we've done a whole lot of nothing--reading, swimming in the warm water, listening to music, eating, and relaxing.

Our shaded reading spot on the beach

So glad I made a last minute decision to pack my iPod docking station. It's provided us a great soundtrack for the trip.

Biggest locust I've ever seen.

Day trip to Manzanillo, last stop to Panama. Pristine beaches as far as the eye can see.

Inside our room at Om, our hostel. Brandon is either attempting to keep cool or drink by way of osmosis. 

Mount Chirripó: Part 2

After a quick lunch at the base camp, we made a final push to the summit of Mount Chirripo. A lot of uphill climbing on already tired legs. Tired, I meant exhausted.

It was cold and rainy for most of the final kilometers, which cause the trail to become a small stream. 

View of mountain lakes below

The summit in the cloudy distance. Mostly vertical towards the end. 

The Summit!! Just over 12, 500'. Our desired views of both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts were obscured by thick clouds. Next time... yeah right. Oh, and please note my stylish emergency rain poncho. I've been carrying that thing around since I was a boy scout and finally had reason to break the seal.

Mount Chirripó: Part 1

Hiking to the summit of Mount Chirripó was a center point of our Costa Rican trip. It's the highest mountain between Guatemala and Columbia. We got an early start before sunrise.

Starting point: 5,000'


Above the clouds

Brandon on the trail

We passed through different trail sections, such as this one at 13 km

This lizard kindly obliged my request to sit on a light colored stone atop a log

A very welcome site. Base camp at just over 11,000'

14.5 km in, just outside the base camp

Lunch break of refried beans on crackers

Casa Mariposa

Casa Mariposa was our base camp for our epic climb up Mount Chirripo, a jungle retreat of sorts that blends itself into the natural surroundings.

Main room

Our bedroom the last 2 nights

Reading nook


Stairs to the waterfall where I soaked my aching legs after the hike


Shower with a view

Jungle room

One of many spiders creeping about

San Gerardo 2

More photos from the San Gerardo area, a beautiful little town at the base of Mount Chirripo.

We hiked to their aguas termales (hot springs) which is accessible by way of a fun trail through the jungle.

The hot springs

The springs are cared for by a family living in this home. Dogs take a lot of naps in Costa Rica.

Stopped at the waterfall on the way back for a photo op. It was tricky going in my flip flops on the mossy rocks.

Another beautiful river

Me levitating downstream

Hardcore mom in "downtown" San Gerardo

Town chapel

Saturday, August 27, 2011

San Gerardo

On our way from Monteverde to San Gerardo. To get anywhere in Costa Rica, you have to go over high mountain passes.

We spent a good portion of our bus rides dual jacked into my iPod, taking turns choosing music. 

We slept in the Jungle Room the first night at Casa Mariposa in San Gerardo. It was open air and we had our share of roommates, including this camouflaged critter. 

Mosquito nets helped to stay bite free. 

The area here is filled with gorgeous jungle rivers, like this one. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

More from Monteverde

Random photos from Monteverde I haven't blogged yet.

Glitters: an inside joke for exactly 4 people. Odds are you're not one of them.


Chillin' on the hostel balcony

Dinner at Trio