Monday, February 09, 2015

Out and About in Bang Rachan

We are now halfway through our Peace Corps Training (PST), and the light at the end of the tunnel is nearly visible. Home life with my Thai family is great! While communication is basic--no deep thoughts are being exchanged--we still manage to be understood and enjoy each others company.

My little host brother busted up his arm playing soccer. I've taken over some of his dinnertime responsibilities, like setting the table and pouring water.

I have a lot of fun hanging out with our next door neighbor and her kids. 

Our afternoon badminton games are pretty intense. We use a dirt lot, marking the boundaries with broken bricks. There's no net. This is Goon. She's awesome.

This is Chuck. He hosted a PCV 3 years ago and has befriended many of group 127. His English is amazing. 

He's standing next to a jack fruit tree in his front yard. Those watermelon sized fruit with spikes on the outside. They look like a weapon. 

 This weekend he took me, Anna, and Rhianna on a tour of the surrounding area.Our first stop was at this cool little organic market where we loaded up on treats. Loved this old lady.

Eventually made it to a festival with tons of vendors. Could have used a few extra stomachs. But my first order of business was to buy a hat. The sun was brutal.

This trip was unexpected, unplanned, and I had no idea where we were going and when we'd be back. PCVs call this being Thaiknapped. Happy to have my first experience with it.