Monday, January 28, 2008

My First Cache!

Having caught the treasure hunting bug in Mexico, mentioned in a previous post, I have been obsessed since I came back with purchasing a GPS receiver.

The other night my friend Cort broke out his Garmin to see if there were any caches located nearby. We found one literally across the street in a pine tree. The cache was store in a camouflaged water bottle, as seen in the terrible camera phone picture.

Inside was a gold dollar coin, which I pocketed, and replaced with a pack of gum. We signed our names to prove we'd been there and replaced the bottle.

Two days later I forked over $300 for my own GPS unit, which I'll blog about at a later time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My final Mazatlan Post

I forgot I had these pictures sitting in my camera. These round out my trip to Mazatlan. Enjoy.

Cort & I took a boat out to Deer Island to do some exploring and possibly escape the kids. After landing on the East shore beach, we headed South along the coast. Lots of these cook trees sticking out from the cliff face.

It was in one of these many tide pools,

that I finally got the chance to photograph my first puffer fish not in captivity. (and not dead, washed up on the beach)

On our way to Wolf Island

A shallow cave on the west side with fresh water dripping in.

I spotted a large cement box on top of a hill which we climbed up to. Some rocks at the bottom caught my attention, and buried underneath them, I discovered this not in a bottle from 2004. Here is the photographic evidence as proof. I returned the note where I found it, (from a dad to his children, who I assume will track it down at some later date) minus the 50 pesos going to waste at the bottom of a pile of rocks.

Ever since this occurrence, I've had an overwhelming desire to get a handheld GPS device and participate in geocaching.

View of Mazatlan from the hill

Cort decided to take the challenging way down

One of my favorite photos from the trip. This was taken on New Year's Eve. It's my version of the 'Family Photo'. A candid shot of how families really are - nothing staged.

Left to Right: Joey, Jack, Cali, Carolina (CC), Tyson, & Grace (Gracie)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Old Town Mazatlan

Dinner out with the adults

We made a field trip out to Old Town to wander around the market. I figured it was another opportunity to get some more shots.

Cali with Jack & Carolina, looking like a young starlet.

Inside the cathedral

Crossing the street

From above the market

More produce

In hog heaven
neighborhood butcher

Joey with Tyson, Jack, and CC


Ashley & Rob

Samantha, Kyle, and the twins

Cali & CC

Pink sweater