Monday, January 28, 2008

My First Cache!

Having caught the treasure hunting bug in Mexico, mentioned in a previous post, I have been obsessed since I came back with purchasing a GPS receiver.

The other night my friend Cort broke out his Garmin to see if there were any caches located nearby. We found one literally across the street in a pine tree. The cache was store in a camouflaged water bottle, as seen in the terrible camera phone picture.

Inside was a gold dollar coin, which I pocketed, and replaced with a pack of gum. We signed our names to prove we'd been there and replaced the bottle.

Two days later I forked over $300 for my own GPS unit, which I'll blog about at a later time.


cort said...

You should totally get a gps. When is that thing coming anywho?

L O R I said...

crazy!!! <-- the snow and i had no idea you had a blog. :D