Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle at Big Springs 8K 2009

I ran in the Battle at Big Springs 8K this weekend, the third trail race in the Cascadia Series. Big Springs is up South Fork Canyon, which is a branch of Provo Canyon. We were up there a few weeks ago for our family reunion.

These are some pictures I stole from their website. I couldn't find any of myself.

Heading up through a meadow

Switchbacks through the brush

Singletrack on the way to the Big Springs trail

Another meadow. Unfortunately, the photographer didn't take any photos of the actual Big Springs Trail, which is really pretty, twisted, and rocky. That's the trail we took down the mountain for the last 2 miles.

He did get this shot of us coming OUT of the Big Springs trail. Many were caught off guard, me included, at having to jump over this rail.

This guy won the award for most bloody. There was a lot of competition for that prize this time around. His busted nose sealed his victory though. (click on photos)

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Black Keys vs. The Brown Shoes

I went to see The Black Keys last night with Brandon, Holly, and Thanh.



This guy

The Brown Shoes: A Retrospective