Sunday, June 14, 2015

School Begins!

My life has gotten a lot crazier lately now that school is back in session. We are currently 3 weeks in and I can honestly say I'm enjoying it. My students are great, I'm getting along with my co-teacher Jeab, the school has been very supportive, and I'm finally getting the opportunity to test out all the new ideas I wanted to try out.

I teach two Matayom 1 classes and two Marayom 2 classes. It's like our Jr. High level. I see each class four times a week, which I really like. Other PCVs don't get to see their classes as often, which makes it much tougher for the students to actually retain anything.

Being introduced to the student body by our school director

I currently teach in what's called the ASEAN room. It's where all the important school meetings take place, so it's nicer than most of the classrooms. The classroom we will be teaching in is under construction and will be done soon. 

This is my co-teacher Jeab. 

I also teach the school faculty on Monday afternoons. I make sure to keep it light and fun, just like my student classes. I'm basically teaching them the same things as my kids. 

Meanwhile, rainy season is doing its thing. I love this shot from fellow PCV Danica of her school after a big rain storm. The school continues with lunch as if a foot of muddy water was no big deal.

Brandon, a PCV friend of mine who went home early, visited Mary and I with his girlfriend. We had a fun dinner out. 

The next day we traveled north to Brian's site where we hiked to a waterfall. 

Last week was Wai Khru, a special school day where the students pay respect to their teachers. Here's a shot of our 700+ students.

I was up on stage with the other teachers

Some of my students presenting gifts.