Saturday, August 20, 2011


We left La Fortuna yesterday for Monteverde, which required two bumpy van rides and a boat trip across Lake Arenal.

We found a terrific place at the end of the dirt road from our hostel serving delicious organic food. This sandwich was divine. 

This morning we went on a Canopy Zip-line tour at Selvatura. This is us waiting for instructions before taking off.

Our foursome in Monteverde: Alexis (Australian), Me, Brandon, and Sarah (Canadian)

Sarah on a zip-line

Brandon on the Tarzan Swing

We did their suspension bridge tour as well. The bridges allowed for spectacular views of the jungle. 

This is a shot I took from a bridge of the final 1 km zip-line we did. You are literally flying hundreds of feet above the canopy. Words can't describe. 


Amy said...

That last pic is Amazing! and how do you even bite into a sandwich that huge?!?

deanna said...