Sunday, August 10, 2008

Silver Lake Run

With the Xterra Wheeler Canyon 1/2 Marathon and Park City Marathon coming up the next two weeks, I figured I'd better get in a good elevation run. I took my truck up American Fork Canyon, taking the bumpy dirt road up past Tibble Fork Reservoir to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir.

I ran this trail once before, so I knew it would be a tough one. It starts out easy enough though.

1 of 2 stream crossings

Aspens line the trail

View near the top

View of the top

Silver Lake from the south side, at the end of the trail

Last time I just ran back down. This time i decided to hike around the lake. From the NE side

From the NW side, where the stream feeds the lake

Daisies on the west side

Hill crest on the west side

View of lake below from the west side hill

PB&J break

One last look at the lake before running back down


maria said...

SHANE!! I just found your blog off of Marys! I can't remember the last time I went for a great hike like that--totally jealous! We should go to lunch sometime and catch up!
Maria (your long lost cousin...)

Carol and Tyler said...

The pictures are beautiful but I had a hard time concentrating on them. I still can't believe that your truck made it that far...

Cindee said...

The pictures are beautiful! It makes me miss the Utah wilderness so much!

Jennie said...

I bet it is so much more fun to run those trails than the boring one's here in Phoenix! That is beautiful countryside...especially the aspen trees. I love AZ but when I saw that last picture you posted I started to get kindof jealous.

Supercords said...

Utah has some amazing trails. I love running in the mountains. I'll always have a soft spot for Arizona, but I don't ever see myself moving back.