Sunday, August 24, 2008

Park City Marathon 2008

I ran the Park City Marathon yesterday with Scott and Aaron. This being Aaron's first marathon, we decided to run together at a slow and steady pace. I brought my camera along to document the event.

Aaron & Scott: Pre-race

Heading out at dawn

Mile 2: The clothes are coming off


Fueling up at an aid station

Newfound marathon friends: Annie & Mags

pit stop

Mile 13: Halfway there! Yes, that's me in the hat and sunglasses. It can be uncomfortable with so many people recognizing me from my blog. I try to keep a low profile.

Shoe Trees of Park City

Through downtown Park City

Over the bridge

Scott warily eyes this privately sponsored water station.

Aaron hit the wall at mile 20

Aaron ponders the throbbing pain in his knee around mile 21. He toughed it out.

One of the many art installations along the trail

Mile 25: In the home stretch

After nearly 5 hours: Success!


Rev. Kimberly Rich said...

Congrats on your marathon run! I know I would never do it.

Love and Light

Amy said...

Awesome Shane!
What a scenic looking marathon.
Have a Great Day!

Cindee said...

love the shoe tree! lol. kind of reminds me of the bra tree at the brighton resort.

Captain Emus said...

Good job, runners. How come Aaron has a red award and Shane and Scott have green awards? Didn't you all run together?

Karen said...

Oh my gosh shaners you are the man. Ive been training for a half...but don't run it until Dec. I don't think I could be as cool as you to do a full. Better man than me. :) Congratulations!

Supercords said...

Thanks everyone for the kudos.

I wasn't aware of the bra tree species. Sounds intriguing.

Joey. I was going to think up something witty about why Aaron's medal is red and ours is green, but I'm not in the mood. They had two color choices. Scott and I like the color green more than Aaron. In fact, I think he's a green racist.

Aaron said...

No, no, no. The red medals were only given to superior runners. I don't know what criteria were used to decided superiority, but I know that's why I have the red one.