Monday, August 04, 2008

Day in Park City

Holly, Evan, and I joined Lisa, Josh, Jack, Kevin, & Kate up in Park City to go down the Alpine Coaster at PC Mountain Resort. Kevin works there and hooked us up with free tickets!

While waiting in line, I spotted this lady over on the slide. She had brought her sled to a complete halt, blocking the other riders behind her like a clogged artery. One by one they came to a screeching halt, waiting to get rear-ended by a careless daredevil from behind. Opting to keep her hands & feet outside of the car at this time, she rolled off the slide and chose to walk it off instead.

The long ride to the top of the coaster

Another rider coming down above

Check out this sweet beetle we saw

On a bus ride into downtown, Lisa became infatuated with this puppy, leading Kate to become infatuated with taking pictures of them together, which of course led to me becoming infatuated with the entire spectacle, demanding this photo below. (Kevin was an innocent bystander)

Evan joined the party


Nichols Family said...

I totally enjoy reading all about your races and fun stuff you do! I love the outdoors...wish I was out in it more often!

Amy said...

Hey Shane,
I'm enjoying your blog. Did you read my comment in Jenny's Blog? I actually did add a picture to my profile today, and Brigham is with me in the picture. Don't worry, I plan on starting a blog soon...

Anonymous said...

Shane! Wow, that sounds like it was super fun ;) Haha. Great picture(s) by the way. I'll just be checkin' out the rest of your blog now. Ta-ta!