Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Speedgoat Stories

Some other runner experiences I came across:

A First Endurance couple's account here. I borrowed this picture from them, since it does the best job so far I've come across of showing how freaking steep and tricky that downhill portion was. Click on the photo for better detail.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that's me directly in the middle of the picture with the black shorts, white shirt, and sun hat.

Lori finished in under 9 hours.

Jeff killed the course in 7 hours 19 minutes.


Scott said...

I quite enjoyed Lori's post.

Van Cott Family said...

Jeff sounds like a maniac, (in a nice way :)) and I think you are a little masochistic to have done this in the first place, having said that, way to freakin' go! holy crap! And I do like the part that you say never again, I might have you admitted somewhere if you wanted to torture yourself again like that! So when will we see uncle Shane again? and are you traveling for Christmas this year?

Supercords said...

Scott called me shortly after the race and said "I don't believe you". I said, "Believe what?". And he said "Believe that you won't run another race like this."

He's probably right.

I'll probably be down for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is doubtful. If I can leave the country, I will.