Friday, July 04, 2008

Tilly and the Wall

Tilly and the Wall performed at Kilby Court Wednesday night. I drove up with my friend Joey to see them. Since we are now in our 30's, there aren't many bands we are willing to take the time to see live. Tilly happens to be one of those bands.

Kilby Court is a tiny venue on a small dead end street (its namesake) in a rundown part of Salt Lake City.

It's one of the few all ages venues to see a show, as you can see from this photo below. I don't think some of these kids have even hit puberty yet.

The line-up

Statue in the courtyard

Poster art inside the vending area

Not a bad price for seven inches

Kid Theodore opened the show. They are from the SLC area. Joey and I were both very impressed with them. Great songwriting and musicianship.

Tilly and the Wall were fantastic. And yes, I totally have the hots for the tattooed Kianna Alarid. how could I not?

3/4 sleeve

They have a drummer, but much of their percussion is done by tap dancing. All three girls perform on elevated tap boxes.

The venue is basically a large tin shed

I snatched up a set list after the show

Photo op with Neely Jenkins after the show


Karen and Brian said...

whats up with your bad self? check out the silver hair! Hey how is Joey? oh and Cost Rica was so awesome...if you guys go there we will give you a good deal on renting our condo on the beach in Jaco..its definitely the place to stay (Playa Jaco). You will love it there!

Nichols Family said...

Are you serious, Tilly and the Wall really tap dance as percussion? I would love to see that. I must be completely living under a rock...I've never even heard of that band before. Wow, nice garden too...yum, strawberries.

Captain Emus said...

The girl at the More Than Milk blog got a bunch of great photos from the show, too.