Sunday, July 20, 2008

Xterra Antelope Island 12K

The closest I'd ever come to the Great Salt Lake prior to this weekend was on a road trip to Reno last year and seeing the Foo Fighters at Saltair many years before that. It's never been high on my list of places in Utah to recreate. It still isn't.

Saturday marked the 3rd of 4 Xterra trail races held in Utah this year. It's a worldwide competition, with nationals being held in Oregon, and the world championship in Oahu. I was sitting in 3rd place in my age group (35-39) prior to this race. My goal is to finish in the top 3.

Antelope Island is huge. 28,000 acres huge. Wild bison and antelope roam free among the grasslands and rolling hills. The race followed an ATV/horse trail up and around a 7 1/2 mile section of the island. It was really hot out by the 8:00 am start time. Biting horse flies added another fun element to the mix.

I ran a good race and was happy with my 10th place finish. (85 total runners) I came in 2nd in my age group, which should keep me in the top 3. My time was 1 hour 44 seconds. Outside of being a little sore and sunburned, my only race wounds remain my toes. Specifically the toenail area of two toes on each foot. They cause me nothing but grief all race season, and there's nothing I can do about it.

I had to pop 3 blood blisters yesterday after I got home, 2 from the same toe--one on top of the other. It was a nasty operation. I didn't realize how messed up it was until I took a close up picture with my camera. I'm warning you, the following photo is both graphic and disturbing. It could cause you mental duress, and worse, make you never want to run again. Don't say I didn't warn you. (click on photo for full effect)

I can only imagine what it will look like after next weekend's 50K trail race. (31 miles) I'm guessing not good. (or nice, as Joey would say)


HollyRenee said...

you're sick and wrong:)

Rachel John said...

I was debating whether or not to come check out the picture after seeing you mention it in your email - Pretty gross!

jared said...

Your insane! i always have admired guys like you that can drive yourself to the point of pain...for fun no less. I more of the easy chair kind of guy anymore and the thought of such a race makes me cringe and cluth on to my TV remote a little tighter.

Hey here is a tip for your toe from back in my day of running so very long ago. Take it for what it's worth. Take super glue and drop enough onto the sore to cover it with a pretty good coating. Then take a piece of toilet paper...I prefer Charmin 2-ply quilted cause of it's comfort and ease...and tear a chunk off big enough to place over the wet super glue and sore. Allow a good half an hour to dry without moving or touching and the results are a nice hard protective layer that should last most of if not all of the race.

Good luck and inside I'm cheering for you from the comfort of my recliner. LOL

Nichols Family said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ouch! Congrats on your run though! Are you sure you got that blister from the run? Maybe it was from Roller Derbying. I think my old roommate, Anissa, used to work there! I wonder if you ever met her.

cort said...

It hurts so bad but feels so good at the same time. Hey are you a "cutter" or something. It is all coming together now. You run to feel pain because you like it! Good luck on your race tomorrow.