Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Growing Impatient

Dr. Williams is growing impatient with my doofusness. I just received this e mail:

[Attn: Mr. Shane,

For your information, Miss. Joy came to my office today and I want to inform you that she is getting better from her illness.]

She must have taken the Vitamin C drops like I suggested.

[I want you to hurry up so that this fund can be transferred as soon as possible to enable her travel out of this country because of her condition here. I have assured her that the transfer will be done immediately all the transfer documents are signed.]

Pushy pushy. What's the rush, we've only been at this a couple weeks now.

[You should urgently send the documents fee of US$1,900 so that we can get the documents in your name.]

...and get high on crack cocaine

[Secondly, I did not send the Form by mail but I have sent it to you by
e-mail attachment and you can find the Form in this e-mail once again.]

Now I have to decide whether I ask them to mail it to me, or (as mentioned by one of my readers) pretend like I sent it and then claim it was sent back marked Unknown Address. Any ideas?

[Immediately you receive this e-mail, make arrangement to transfer the fund
so that we can get the Documents in your name and make the transfer.

Waiting for your urgent reponse.]

Seems they are growing tired of this game. Just wait, I can do this for months.


Dr. Syril Peco Williams Esq.,]


Here is my response:

Dear Dr. Williams,

I think I understand now. I thought you were merely sending a picture of what the document looks like, since it came as a .jpg file and not a document. What I'm unsure of is how I am supposed to type my information onto a picture. Could you please send the form as a Word document so I can access it and type in my information.

I am leaving on a business trip to Las Vegas in a few hours, so I'll have to fill out the new form when I get back. I assume you want me to send the money order with this completed form.



Your move Dr. Williams... meanwhile, I am leaving for Vegas this afternoon, so stay tuned for reports on Poker, Buffets, and March Madness.

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