Monday, March 14, 2005


Just when I thought it was all over, Dr. Williams sends me this:

[Attn: Mr. Shane,

This is to confirm the receipt of your e-mail with information duly noted. All the transfer documents shall be obtained and signed here in your name as the fund receiver and I want you to understand that we shall obtain the Tax Certificate from Inland Tax Revenue Office. While the Affidavit of Oath and Transfer Authorzation Letter shall be obtained from Ministry of Justice here.]

Here it comes! The long awaited scam. It's about time.

[1. The Tax Certificate shall be obtained from the Tax Revenue Office at
the Total cost of US$1,200.

2. The Affidavit of Oath and Official Stamps for Transfer Application
shall cost you the tatal sum of US$700.]

The question now is--how do I play this? I've got to put him off until I can make them send me more fake pictures of Joy.

[Therefore, you are advised to pay the total sum of US$1,900 for the legal documentation fee.
Immediately you confirm the receipt of this e-mail, we shall send you our official account form to enable you complete it with the needed information. We shall also advice you on how to send this fee to enable us obtain the documents in your favor.]

My goal now is to get them to send me the documents through the mail so I can screw them for postage.

Dr. Syril Peco Williams Esq.,
Tel: +225 07 27 84 48

Here is my reply:

Dr. Williams,

This is my official reply to your e mail. Go ahead and send the official account form to the address I gave you in my last e mail. I'll look for it in my business mail box.



I hope Joy writes soon. I miss her.

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