Friday, March 25, 2005

More Excuses

My patience is running thin with Joy's excuses. Here's today's response:

[Dearest Shane,

I am happy reading your email today and i want to thank you for your cares. you are wellcome from your trip and I'm happy that you are are doing fine.]

Just wait till I drop the bomb about me losing my shirt in Vegas.

[Honey, I have been very sick since three days now and I have to be admited at the hospital because one of the sisters in my church saw my condition and helpt me and sent me to the hospital.]

She hasn't mentioned church until now. I'm going to make her elaborate about her religion.

[The doctor said that I have high blood preasure but I am getting better. I just manage to come out to send you this email and also say "Hollo" to you.]

"Ah, nurse. I'd like to be wheeled to the nearest Internet cafe please." Hollo to you too Joy.

[I will send you my picture as soon as I leave the hospital. After this email, I have to return back to the hospital because I have to finish with my drugs as the doctor recommended me.]

She must be smoking some serious crack back at the hospital if she still thinks this is a legit conversation between a con artist and a wealthy sucker.

[I called the offfice of Dr. Williams and he told me that as soon as he receive the documentation fee from you, he will obtain the transfer documents in your name and I want you to please hurry up ok.]


[I love you so much and I will be very happy to meet with you face to face.]

Sincerely yours,


Whoa! I think we just expanded our relationship.

Here's my reply:



I'm sorry to hear about your ill health again. Are you sure your government will let you leave
the country in such poor condition? I'm glad you have the help of your church to fall back on. What religion do you belong to and what are some of your beliefs?

Hope to see the pictures we've been talking about soon.


That's right. Not a single mention of the money or Dr. Williams. It's going to drive them nuts. Plus, now they have to come up with a bunch of religious mumbo jumbo... and when they do, I'll spring on them that I'm Jewish and I'm not sure my rabbi will approve of our relationship. Bring it Joy.

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Cheeth said...

Hollo Shane. It's me. See you later.