Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Joy Replies

They took the bait... or I did, I'm not sure. But I got a response rather quickly from my African sweetheart Joy. I thought the scam part of the con would kick in rather quickly, but it appears they are taking things slow with me, so as not to frighten me off. Once again, I will copy parts of her e mail followed by my snide comments.

[Dearest Shane,

Thank you so much for your email, how are you and your activities today?]

Actually, things are pretty slow at work, so I find myself replying to junk mail for kicks.

[I hope fine in good condition. I'm sorry for my late response to your email, I could not response to your email because of the connection problem and power failure in my area.]

Late response? She answered me in less than 2 hours.

[I don't know to appreciate your help and care over my request but I will be happy to meet with you as soon as this fund is transferred to your account show my appreciation to you.]

Show me how? Am I being propositioned?

[Since after the untimely death of my parents, all I have ever wanted is to belong to a new family circle once again and go back to school.]

Again with the family overtones. I can never tell if she wants to get it on or have me adopt her.

[After reading your email, I visited the bank and I am just coming back when I decided to send you an email to inform you my discussions with the operations director (Dr. Williams). ]

Was it a bank or a hospital?

[I was so much happy telling him about you, I made him to understand that you are a family friend abroad who will be receiving the fund on my behalf in your account and he requested me to send the Certificate of deposit to his office and I will do it tomorrow morning.]

Slow down sister. I never said anything about my account. Can't you just send me a check for the whole 4.5 million?

[As soon as I come back from his office, I will also send the documents to you too.
According to him, he said that all we have to do is to follow his instructions, he said that he will advice you on what to do as soon as you contact him.]

Great, now I have to deal with a fake doctor/banker. What documents?

[According to him, they will issue you some transfer documents and the bank will have to send it directly to you because the fund will be transferred into your account as the co-beneficiary after I have signed an ownership certificate of the fund.]

If they think I'm giving them my bank account number, they are sadly mistaken. Actually, they would be sadly mistaken even if I did give it to them (as I'm broke)

[He asked me to forward his contact address to you so that you can contact him for more information. Please I want you to contact him on my behalf because he will be representing us in the bank and I have pleaded with him and I thank God that he is a God fearing and understanding man.]

Why would she have to plead with the "operations director"? Isn't that his job?

[With his assistance and advice, this fund will be transferred as soon as possible to enable me leave this country.]

How will transferring 4.5 million to me allow her to leave the country. They have these places called travel agencies you know.

[Please I want you to contact him on my behalf and discuss with him on this transfer so that he will advice you on what to do. His contacts as he gave to me is;]

What are you supposed to do with his contacts? Do you share the same eye prescription? Is he a doctor of optometry too?

[Dr. Williams,Tel: +225-0727-8448.

There's no way I'm calling this freak. I will e mail him however, and post it here. Also, is a bogus web address.

[I strongly believe that you are a God sent to me and I am counting on you for this help.]

I've been called some nice things before, but never a god.

[Please I want you to always inform me your discussions with him so that I will always know my stand. ]

You stand to lose about 4.5 million.

[I will have to leave you now till I hear from you. Thank for your understanding and God bless you in all you do.]

I've got two more fake e mails to write and then you'll have to wait for them to write me back to see where this all goes.

[I have attached my pictures to this email, I will send the certificate of deposit to you as soon as I get it from the bank.]

You mean picture, cause I only got one. It looks more legit than I thought it would. I'll be posting it asap.

[Sincerely yours,Joy Kulibaly.]

Crap! I just realized my blog link is at the bottom of every e mail I send out. Which means if these people had a clue, they would be reading this write now. Let's hope they don't.


Jim said...

It's a version of "The Nigerian Scam". I get the same type e-mails only they claim to actually BE the bank official and there is an unclaimed sum of X-million dollars and if I cooperate we can all share it!

The FBI has a whole page on this scam and appearantly has worked in the past.

Joy is sorta dumb- a picture of a homely girl would have been more believable.

Supercords said...

Yeah, I get the Nigerian one all the time. I would have ignored this one like all the others, except it was so ridiculously funny that I had to write back and see how long I could string them along before they finally give up on me.