Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Fool and His Money...

Here is my reply to Dr. Williams e mail:

Dr. Williams,

You mentioned an Inland Tax Certificate and Affidavit of Oath in my name. I'm afraid to say I don't know what those things are. I've never been very good with complicated legal matters. Should I see if they have these forms on file down at my City Hall? They might be able to walk me through them.

Also, will it cost me money to obtain these documents, because I'm a little short until the end of the month. I should be ok in April though, cause I just had a grandparent pass away and leave me a nice inheritance. The paperwork should be processed by April and then I'll have more than enough to cover my expenses.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Shane XXXXXXX
3. 801-XXX-XXXX
4. Identification Card No. 9XX10001XXXX71

If you hear from Joy, tell her I'm anxiously waiting for a reply to my last e mail. Thanks,


I'm still playing the sucker they think I am, but I added the idea of money to the mix. I'm hoping the thought of inherited wealth will get them excited. Could there be an easier mark than this fake me?

The questions were tough to answer.

I used a slight misspelling of the company name I work for as my last name, and my business address. That way, if they send me anything, which I hope they do, it will look like it's merely being sent to my attention at my company, and will be delivered to my desk. (hopefully without being opened first) I left out that name and address to protect my privacy from blog readers. :)

The phone number is bogus. I hope they don't call it. The ID number is from my Blockbuster membership card. They better not rack up any more late fees. Oh wait, Blockbuster ended their late fees. Now they just charge you for the cost of the movie itself. But that's a blog post for another day.

Geez... My Yahoo pop-up just let me know that Joy replied. It's just minutes after I wrote Dr. Williams. What a coincidence! I'm gonna go read it.

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