Monday, December 24, 2007

Stone Island: Part 3

Time to finish up this never-ending Stone Island post.

I forgot to mention I did all this trekking around in my flip flops. They did surprisingly well for the rocky terrain.

Cactus tree

More goats

These poor puffer fish were washed up all over the cove

Retraced my steps along the dirt road and crossed over to the long stretch of beach. You'll pass this hut on your right after leaving the boat.

I went straight to Victor's beach front restaurant after reading so much about it on the web. After ordering my food, I stretched out in a hammock and relaxed.

Chris brought me my pineapple orange drink. He's a Stone Island celebrity, having built the Twin Towers commune, a Robinson Crusoe style retreat for backpackers and hippies. Check out the web site here. He's been working at Victor's off an on for years he said. He also let me know that a big storm had destroyed Twin Towers recently, but he left the web site up because there's still camping available nearby.

I ordered the combo platter: grilled sea bass, BBQ ribs, garlic shrimp, coconut shrimp, breaded shrimp, homemade onion rings, and fries. Delicious. Chris, in case you're reading this, I forgot to leave you a tip and I feel terrible about it. The food and service was great, and I left you hanging. If I make it back, I promise I'll hook you up. In the meantime, I hope this blog post sends a lot of business your way. Take care.


Mid day snooze

Lot's of Mexican families on vacation here also.

That's it. I finally found a reliable wireless internet connection, and it's FREE!!! If you are ever near the Royal Villas just outside the Golden Zone, take a seat in their lobby and log on. No password protection like the other hotels. You owe me.

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Unknown said...

Hey, Cords,

Thanks for the update on Twin Towers. I had heard they weren't around anymore and had wondered what happened.

Hey, you don't know of other places to stay, do you? I'll be in the region in a week but was only going to go to Mazatlan if there were hostel-budget type places to stay.