Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stone Island: Part 2

I'm using a wireless connection at a coffee house. As long as I'm sipping hot chocolate, they won't kick me out.

Continuing with my hike...

The beach off to the right is the popular part of Stone Island To the left is where the boat drops you off. The little villa is directly below me.

These vulture-like birds were all over the mountain.

The furthest point of Stone Island, which forms a harbor with the one from mainland. That's the Faro lighthouse across the way, although the top is hidden behind clouds

These goats were roaming wild. They jump up on their hind legs to reach the leaves.


The rocky crest to the top.

Closer to the crest.

On the way up, beneath the trees.

View from higher up.

I happened upon the goat's toilet.

A different view

Cliffs below

Above the tree line

View from the top


More to come...

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Van Cott Family said...

Hey, Smile, you're in Mexico! Hope you have a great time!