Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mazatlan: My First Day

Took a shuttle from the airport to the Hotel Lerma, a cheap place I found on the Internet. Supposed to be cheap and clean. It´s located in the historic part of Mazatlan.

The hallway outside my room. The jugs of water are for drinking. 

For about $10, you get a decent bed, nightstand, window...

 ...wardrobe, dresser, desk, chair...

 ...toilet, shower, and sink. Pretty swanky.

My first meal in Mexico was at this festive little carnitas place called El Cuñao. Atmosphere inside was lacking, but the tacos were good. 

Walking towards the Golden Zone, I stopped to click a photo of Deer and Bird island at dusk.

Later that night I was in downtown old Mazatlan where the huge cathedral is. 

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Samantha said...

I love maz. we will be there tomorrow.