Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mazatlan Aquarium

I went to the Mazatlan Aquarium a couple days ago. 70 pesos to get in, with 3 scheduled shows included. I was just in time for the sea lion show, which I have to admit, was pretty cool.

This is Bony performing a few tricks

A young Billy did some showing off too

The bird show was ok. Mediocre tricks, but at least the hostess was cute.

After, I went inside an aviary where they let you get up close and personal with all kids of different birds.

Inside the aquarium

I'm big boned!


I saw these little critters in the wild in Thailand. This is the first time I've seen them since.

The shark show was "interesting" to say the least. Not sure if children should have been sitting in the front row.

Shark meets boy
Back rub

no comment

Shark forgotten, hello Mr. Turtle

Back to the aquariums...

Loved watching the sea horses.

I couldn't get enough of the octopuses as well.

Statue in front of the aquarium

Walking back to my hotel. This nightclub overlooking the ocean looks cool from a distance.

In the other direction (South) towards the lighthouse.

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Me and My Boys said...

ahhh! so you have been on vacation huh? I have not seen you online forever!! looks like you are having a blast!! great pics!