Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pulau Manukan

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Pulau Manukan is a small island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu where we spent a day. It's where I had my first para-sailing experience. (feels like floating; not scary at all) Others jet skied and snorkeled.

The island off in the distance. Jason filmed most of our trip. I've yet to locate the footage.

Arriving on the island

This was our little reserved spot on the beach.

I really dug the table centerpieces

This shot is for cat-lover Kristin.

I went for a run in my flip flops along a cobblestone trail in the jungle. This lookout point wasn't the sweet destination I hoped it would be.

A couple scenes from lunch


Nichols Family said...

When I need some entertainment I just read your blog. I think your life is far from mundane! Wow, your trip is absolutely amazing so far- ups and downs and everything! Sorry about your run, hope your eye is better.

Nichols Family said...

ps...take my blog off of your annex list. I probably won't go private anymore. Maybe later.

Supercords said...

Thanks Jennie, even if I tend to only post when something exciting happens. Most of the time my life is quite boring. Promise.

K, you are officially back on the main list. Sometimes you gotta take a stand against the masses flocking to PRIVATE blogs. :)

Cali said...

The trip looks awesome Shane!

Jake and Jenny said...

That looks like such a fun and exciting trip! The food looks adventurous, I would probably love it. It was fun seeing you over Thanksgiving!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Great pictures!