Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malaysian Food

I ate a lot of delicious meals on my trip, some photographed, some not. Here's a sampling:

I believe this was a lamb curry with a vinegar salad. I ate A LOT of curry on this trip, almost daily. I never get tired of a good curry.

This fruit and cheese sampler was waiting in my room the first night.

This is the famous Mangosteen fruit, of which my companies product is derived from. They are quite good in their natural state too.

So this meal wasn't that great, but it was still interesting. I missed the 'before' show, when everything looked prettier. This is the 'after', which shows you how big of a hit it was at our table.

While I'm not a regular fan of Coke, or Coke products in my regular life, when traveling, I subscribe to that old wives tale about Coke having the capacity to kill off any bacteria or scary germs that 3rd world food might contain. It's not so bad when served in a frosty glass with lime.

This was my favorite dish of the trip. A seafood trio comprised of ahi tuna, salmon, and a scallop. The fresh mango salsa was to die for.

The beef tenderloin was cooked to perfection, but the lobster tail tasted more like a crawfish.

This dangerous looking dessert was scrumptious.


Cali said...

The food looks amazing. We miss you Shane. Have a good thanksgiving.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Cool food shots are interesting. The tuna & salmon sound delish. I'm so craving Coke recently and your frosty glass is putting me that much closer to calling my sponsor. "Hello, Kristin? Wanna run to Maverick's? I'll be there in two shakes."

You're gonna post pics of the surrounding too, aren't you?