Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heading to Malaysia

I leave for Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia tomorrow. It's located on the northwest coast of the island of Borneo, facing the South China Sea. It's often referred to as KK, and moving forward, that's how I'll be referring to it. It's considered a tourism getaway in Asia, and especially Malaysia.

I will arrive on Tuesday and leave Sunday--hopefully enough time to check the place out and get in a 20 mile run on Saturday. It was 88 degrees today, but felt like 99 degrees with the humidity, which was at 70%. That will be a problem. Should help with my training for the Honolulu Marathon next month though.

I love Asia and am excited to add Malaysia to the list of countries I've visited there: China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan. Stay tuned for future posts & pictures from my trip.


Cali said...

Shane, what a great trip. Make sure you blog. Be safe and have fun.

Nichols Family said...

Wow Shane! You've been to many places! Kota Kinabalu? Can't wait to hear an update! Have an awesome trip!