Saturday, November 01, 2008

Minnie and the Gorilla

I spent Halloween with the Emig's. Since Joey had to work late, I accompanied Cali and the kids to a chili dinner at her brother's house and then some trick-or-treating.

We started out as a big group,

But soon it was just me, Cali, Minnie, and the Gorilla.

I was impressed with CC's bravery. Some of those houses were scary. But then again, candy was on the line.


Cali said...

LOVE this post! Except how I look in that pic. Thanks for coming Shane. It was fun.

Jennie Nichols said...

Did you dress up? I guess you really ARE anti my private blog :(.
For the record...I'm trying to procrastinate until after the holidays??? So still visit!
-Jennie N.

Supercords said...

No dressing up for me. Never been my thing... except for when I was a kid and candy was on the line.

I'll still visit, but making blogs private is a "hot button" issue with me :) I think it's wrong in every sense of the word.

Celly said...

I can't believe I haven't been looking at your blog--WHAT?? Let's have a game night--I enjoy winning!---Celly

Supercords said...

We need to have another one of those, but probably not till January. It's crazy for me until then. When are you starting your blog?

Celly said...

I have one---I just haven't written anything. I need a tutorial on how to work it---I know, I am retarded (I also know it is not pc to say retarded, but it is true) Hope to see you soon-

Captain Emus said...

Celly thinks she always orders the best item at dinner. But she's wrong - I do.