Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tachikawa, Churrasco, & Yokohama

I was in Tachikawa yesterday on my own, but didn't take any pictures. In the evening, I went to a pot-luck dinner with some members from church.

Today we met the Souza's, a Brazilian couple, and some of their friends, for lunch at a Churrasco in Shibuya.

Derek is featured here in his recently purchased [from a thrift store] Mighty Johnny shirt.

The Souza's:

Me in front of Barbacoa:

Derek demonstrating the after effects of "All You Can Eat."

Entering the train station.

This girl went to a lot of trouble to make her hair look that way, so I felt obligated to record it for all time and eternity.

On the train to Yokohama. Derek made a face.

Distinguished gentleman on the train.

Yokohama's China Town:

Random English on a shopping bag.

Little Brazil within China Town.

Back in regular Yokohama, things felt Japanese once again: McDonald's, Denny's, & 7-11.

Yokohama Bay.

Most public restrooms you'd find in parks and such have a very 'open door' policy.

Before returning home, we stopped by a convenience store. This simmering smorgasbord is the Japanese version of nachos and corn dogs.

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