Friday, December 22, 2006


Pictures from our outing in and around Asakusa today:

The 300 Years Old Pine in Hama-rikyu Park.

Floating up the Sumidagawa River from the garden to Asakusa. Derek snapped pictures at a manic pace.

Derek staring in awe at the Chuo-ohashi Bridge...

...which connects to an island of deluxe apartments in the sky.

Building with giant window.

Kaminarimon Gate

Giant hanging lantern.

Man studying many knives.

Sensouji Temple

Five-storied Pagoda against pink sky.

Local amusement park.

Winter trees against pink sky.

A prime example of the artfully crafted fake food they display outside restaurants to show what's on the menu.

Blowfish awaiting their demise.

I was hit up by this kid to answer some questions about Japan for his class assignment.

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