Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shinjuku & Shimo-Kitazawa

It rained all day Tuesday, so we went to a mineral bath resort in the mountains and soaked in their healing waters. I didn't take any pictures, since we were naked and it wouldn't have been appropriate.

Yesterday, however, featured blue skies and warm weather. We rode the train out to Shinjuku to see the sights.

Me riding the train to Shinjuku

Don't let the sign fool you. Shinjuku's no small-time community

The massive towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building

Views of Tokyo from the 45th floors of said towers

Mt. Fuji looms in the distance

Some of the fishy items you can find in the basement food halls of most department stores. We go there for the free samples. Not of these items though.

That evening we went to a concert performance and dinner. Dessert arrived in the form of a gelatin formed Mt. Fuji.

A group of us went on a karaoke escapade afterwards, but we forgot to take pictures. This is a shot of us on our way home.

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