Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve & Christmas

Through some form of marketing genius, Kentucky Fried Chicken has positioned themselves as the traditional Christmas meal. The first KFC was so packed we had to drive to a more remote location to get our holiday drumsticks.

The Colonel stands watch outside.

Our Christmas Eve feast: KFC, sushi, fried potatoes, & edamamae.

Followed by two kinds of Christmas Cake, another Japanese tradition.

Christmas Day is like most other days in Japan. It's not the big holiday it is in the states. We were out thrift shopping, visiting another 100 Yen store, and CostCo. Derek was able to borrow a van from the political office he works at. So we had wheels for the day. They keep it parked in one of those elevator parking structures. Space is at a premium here.

We went to one of Derek's favorite ramen shops for lunch. This is a pork bone based broth with added pickled Japanese vegetables on top. So tasty.

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