Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pathway Home

There are several paths that intersect around my apartment. I'm on them almost everyday. I refer to the upper path and lower path a lot in my journal.

This is the "upper path", which I take to my grocery store, Gourmet City. It also leads to the train station. The stairs to the right lead to the "lower path" and my apartment.

Looking down the stairs to the lower path, and up from there, you can see my beige door. (top middle)

Staircase flowers

Looking right on the lower path. I go this way to reach the river trail on my runs.

My building. I'm on the second floor in the back. Cyber stalkers, come say hi!

That's my door straight ahead. My filthy smoking neighbor is to the right.

I'm obsessed with this bucket garden on the upper path.


Amy said...

The bucket garden is cool. Great pics.

Jake and Jenny said...

It is so fun to put the pictures with your journal entries, which I love by the way. :)