Thursday, April 26, 2012

Japanese Apartment: Part 4

I figured it was time I wrapped this series up. So without further ado, here is the rest of my tiny Japanese apartment.

Looking through my front door. I've had to devote much of the entryway to trash separation. It rules your life in Japan. This is also the area where you leave your shoes before coming inside. That's my mailbox on the left. 

In the doorway. Bathroom straight ahead. Main room around the corner to the right.

My little kitchen area to the right of the fridge and microwave. 

View from the main room 

And from the bathroom. I was fortunate to find a unit of this style with cupboard space above, in addition to below. 

My microwave buttons. I know that red means go and silver means stop. Beyond that, I'm clueless. I know it has the ability to work like a convection oven, but I'll need some help before attempting that.

My bathroom. These are installed as a complete unit: toilet, sink, bath. It's small but functional. I've definitely seen worse as far as bathrooms go.

Shower. High on my list of amenities I wanted in my apartment was the ability to stand while I shower. This is not a given in Japan. Not by a long shot. I'm very happy with my shower. As an added bonus, my heating unit has a standby feature, which means I don't have to heat up the water each time I want to use it. It's always ready to go.

A bath option that I have no interest in.

So that's the end of the tour. This is what 30,000 Yen a month gets you in the Hachioji area.


Amy said...

Interesting differences from the U.S. The bathroom looks so small that if they had a full bath in an airplane I would imagine it would look like this.

deanna said...

I love that microwave!