Monday, March 26, 2012

Mount Takao

I hiked to the top of Mount Takao this afternoon. I brought my camera and found a couple geocaches as well. It's fun seeing the different items that caches hold compared to the US.

A lot of the statues have red knitted beanies. Chalk it up to one of the million things I don't have an explanation for in Japan.

I think every sign with Japanese characters is cool. Especially the ones with red writing against a dark background. I'm obsessed.

One of the many paths near the top.

One of the caches was hidden near this Thai temple

More signs

On the hunt of a cache.

View from the top of Mount Takao


deanna said...

gotta keep the buddha's heads warm

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! Very funny about the knit hats. Did you take one?

Supercords said...

Of course not Sarah! I don't need any ancient Japanese curses following me around.