Saturday, March 24, 2012


So I'm in Japan now. There are a lot of reasons that led to this decision, none of which I feel like sharing in this post. I've been answering that question [Why are you moving to Japan?] for the past 9 months and I don't feel like answering it anymore. Simply accept the fact that I've moved to Japan and let's move on.

I arrived here without a work visa in hand, which means I can stay for 3 months on what's called a tourist visa. My friend Derek, who has been living and working in Japan coming up on a decade, is helping me obtain the work visa. Once I have that, I can legally earn a living while living here for a year. Beyond that, I have no plans. I'm playing life by ear at the moment.

My first order of business is to find a permanent place to live. In the meantime, Derek is letting me crash at his office, better known (by me at least) as The Shed. It's located on a winding uphill road that is often trafficked by tourists photographing nature. Keep in mind that spring hasn't hit yet, so it's not as green as usual.

The Shed on the right. Just past the blue tarp, there's a river down below. 

Another view of The Shed.

A new highway in the sky is under construction just up the road. It goes straight through the mountain.

Another highway further up the road.

I found this stairway to a shrine off a side road.

I plan to live in this area, which is a called Takao, a part of Hachioji, which is a suburb of Tokyo.


Amy said...

Wow!on the highways and quiet road you are on.

As for the shed, amazing that you can tarp all that stuff behind it and feel like it is safe. Low crime I take it?

I hope someone will rent to a foreigner soon.

maria said...

Wait, I don't get it? Why are you in Japan? Hahahah--little humor.

Looks like a great adventure!

deanna said...


ashleyboice said...

I'm loving this. So exciting.

Supercords said...

Very low crime in Japan. Derek likes to say that people save their seats with their wallets. I haven't tested that theory myself.

Sarah said...

I love how you are so straight forward and to the point! Hope you can get out of the shed soon. Enjoy your journey!