Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Visiting the family in Arizona for Thanksgiving again this year. Started off the day with the Mesa Turkey Trot. I think I've run it about 8 times now.

This is Amy coming in the home stretch.

Our family has outgrown having Thanksgiving at a house, so this year we moved it inside the church cultural hall.
Sad Owen


Making gravy


Grandma holding McKenna

Happy Owen


Mom & Dad

Spencer & Sammi

Tessa enjoying some of Grandma's jello

Andy, Mom, Dick, and Grandma


Amy said...

It was a Great Thanksgiving! Thanks for emailing me those pictures.

The Boring Runner said...

Ha - now way! I saw your comment on The Longest run, decided to check it out, and turns out that I ran Mesa's Turkey Trot too! Small world. Although, I actually live here so it isn't a big deal I suppose....

I like the pictures format of the blog!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, thanks. You really capture our life well.