Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MLS Champions

In case you don't follow soccer, which means 99% of you, our home team, the Real Salt Lake, won the Major League Soccer Cup this weekend in Seattle. It's like the Superbowl of soccer. I schlepped it 15 hours up and back on a bus to witness it in person. This was a Cinderella win if ever there was one. It's also a big win for our company, as we are the team sponsor. (note their jersey's below) Here are some photos from the trip.

National Champions

Watching Magnificent Seven on the ride up.

Ready for the day outside the Hyatt: Ryan, Conn, Me, Carson, Erik, and Marden

In case you ever wondered what a shirt made entirely of licorice might look like.

Ryan carried this flag wherever we went.

Marden's brother Shawn catching a fish at the market.

Parade of RSL fans leading to Qwest Stadium. We outnumbered the L.A. Galaxy fans like 10 to 1.

Met up with a company founder, Gordon, just outside the stadium for this shot.

Inside Quest Stadium. Packed house.

Our $25 seats were way up there.

The view below.

The big save in the equivalent of "double overtime" that sealed our victory.

Carson celebrating post game.


erinannie said...

That was an amazing game. I watched it all at home. I am insanely jealous you went up there!

Deanna said...

So have you seen the show Modern family? Manny, the Columbian kid, tries to say he likes football and Ed O'Neil's character says, "First of all, your futbol isn't real football..." (episode 5 - Coal Digger)
I don't think I did it justice there. Watch it; you will laugh.
Looks like a fun trip. Bring me back anything?

Supercords said...

Erin, I was looking for you. Thought you'd make the trip too. Seems like most of our state was there.

Deanna, I brought you back a present but I have to give it to you in person. Also, I LOVE the show Modern Family. See my sidebar.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I was looking for facing I might know in the crowd. The cameras didn't pan the upper seats though. It was a great game!