Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Marrakesh Mayhem

In Washington DC over the weekend on business. Friday night before our event we went to a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh.

Jina, Redis, and Kelly in front

Erin, Kelly, Jina, and I at our booth

Hand washing was a must, since our eating utensils were attached to our arms.

I took before and after shots of the 7 course meal.
Course #1: Cold salads of eggplant, carrot, and a cucumber-tomato-pepper mixture that I loved.

Course #2: A sweet phyllo dough pot pie of chicken and egg

Course #3: Whole chicken with potatoes and green olives.

Belly dancing intermission

Back to the food.
Course #4: Lamb with almonds. Having watched my share of cooking and travel shows, I took the chance to suck out the bone marrow. Not bad.

I was a little late on the draw with course #5: couscous with squash, carrots, garbanzo beans, and raisins. It was pretty before our fingers went to work.

Course #6: Fruit

Peppermint tea break. Wow was that good.

Course #7: Baklava. The best kind of lava really. "Hot Lava" from The B-52's coming in a close second.

Junell and I, one step away from a food coma.

Stay tuned for more trip photos.


maria said...

sucking the marrow out...wow..what to say to that?...cool!..I think.

That looks like so much fun and the food looks yummy! I'm sure the belly dancing wasn't too horrible either! :) Tell me the truth, wasn't it just a little hard to take more than a couple bites after everyones fingers were scooping and stuffing and then scooping some more? I just don't see you LOVING that part...

Supercords said...

Honestly, I didn't have any germ issues. There's no rhyme or reason to my germaphobia.