Friday, September 11, 2009

DC by land and sea

Saturday we went to the Smithsonian, starting with The Castle, which contains random historical items.

Like the American Idol judges table

And this bird eating tarantula

Then over to the National Museum of American History

I never had a cool lunch pail. Just a brown bag and Toughskins jeans.


Puffy shirt

Hoods worn by conspirators in Lincoln's death. Creepy.

Lincoln bronze

Stuffed WW II dog

Our first choice of where to eat lunch was closed, so we ended up at this Caribbean joint: Naby's Island Restaurant.

Jerk chicken, rice, beans, and cabbage = delicious

Coming out of the Metro: Redis, Jina, Alena, and Kelly

On Sunday we took a Potomac river cruise on the Spirit of Washington.

The buffet was ok. Not my favorite meal of the trip.

It was good enough for Gary Coleman though.

Ship mates.

Insert caption here

Bumming a smoke

Unflattering jeans.


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Terrific pics from the Smithsonian