Sunday, September 20, 2009

For the First and Last Time

I achieved a lifelong goal last Friday of coming in first in a race. It's likely to never happen again, so I thought I'd commemorate it with a blog post.

Sep 11th was our companies 2nd annual 5K race. We combined it with a Best Buddies fund-raising event. There were only a handful of us running it competitively, but a wins a win :)

I'm officially the fastest employee for the second year in a row. My time was 20:14


cort said...


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HHM said...

Way to go, that has to be a great feeling regardless of the "quality" of the competition :)

deanna said...

This has nothing to do with your race, but I swear I saw you today. SO I googled you and found this...kinda creepy huh.

HHM said...

Have you thought about your 2010 race schedule?

Supercords said...

Not yet. This year has been flush with pain and injury. I'm still waiting to see how I recover from St. George.