Sunday, July 08, 2007

Getting Back To Nature

As an owner of various camping supplies, (2 tents, sleeping bag, cook kits, flash lights, camp chairs, etc) I felt it was due time for a trip into the woods. I convinced my friends Joey and Cort to bring their families, along with my sister Mary and her husband. Darren and his family came up for the evening.

I left work early on the 3rd to go scout out a spot up American Fork Canyon. It was a beautiful place minus all the dust from the road. I hate ATVers. We had multiple streams surrounding us:

Before everyone arrived, I took these two videos:

I was reading a magazine by this spring and hummingbirds were all around me:

Cort brought up his new off road vehicle:

Kids everywhere:

Carolina & Grace

Darren's Kid

Cort, Ash, & Rob


Celeste, Jack, Joey, Ash, & Rob
Dinner over an open fire:

After dark:

Cort & Rob

Cali & Carolina

Sorry Cali, but I had to post this one. The expressions are great.


ashleyboice said...

hahaa I love the picture of Cali chugging that pop. She REALLY loves pop so I think this picture does her justice. And there is poor joey distressing about how many hits my blog gets. Hahaaa. We need some pictures of you. I am going to see if Cali has any and I am posting them on my blog. We want to go a couple more times this summer. Are you up for another round???

Supercords said...

Yes, I'm up for more camping, but next time I'm brining ear plugs and a softer sleeping pad.

djs&i vancott said...

Hi Shane! FYI the wedding will be on a boat at Lake Las Vegas a real fancy part of of town out Past Henderson near Lake Mead. And where are the pictures of Mary and Aaron? did they go? --Julie

Supercords said...

They arrived just before dark, after most of the picture taking. I'll get them next time.

ashleyboice said...

I added a picture of you on my campout post.

cort said...

That wasn't the greatest I have felt on a camp out, so we need to do that again someday when I don't have the runs hopefully.