Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bairgutsman Preview

Before signing up for the Bairgutsman race, I attempted in vain to find some detailed information on it through the internet. Turns out, very little has been written. Whether that's on purpose, as to keep up the mystique of the whole thing, or simply because Bairgutsman runners can't read, I don't know. Irregardless, I've decided to publish my experience with this infamous Utah trail race.

With the race a few weeks away, I still know very little. The course goes up and over Farmington Peak, it's between 12-14 miles long, and it's supposed to kick your butt.

I just received this e mail from the race director that sheds a little more light:

Hello all! 

I hope your crazy training is going well! I have been on the trail a
few times in the past weeks and things look great up there. You
will be able to tell how far I made it by the mark in the trail that
looks like vomit. 

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on a few things: First
off, At the end of the race you will be given a finisher bag and that
will pretty much wrap up the race. There will be no awards ceremony! The
first place male and female will receive a trophy and everyone else
will get finisher bags. With that said, after you eat as much bread,
fruit and Gatorade as you can, feel free to begin heading down the canyon.

As most of you know, Farmington Canyon is not the most "worry free"
drive in the world. We would like to avoid a mass exit down that canyon
at the end by not having any kind of ceremony. 

Also, we regret to inform many of you "purest gutsman" racers that
there will be a few trail markings along the way. We know everyone loves
this race due to the fact that there are no rules and no real map or
course. However, the forest service also doesn't want there to be 200
different trails to the top. DON'T WORRY! There will be plenty of
opportunities to break bones, need stitches, get lost, throw up and push
yourself to the ultimate limit! We are just going to mark a few of the major
detour possibilities.

Lastly, please note that the finish line is not the same place as the
starting line and you will need to figure out your own transportation back.
Carpooling would be the best option to minimize the number of cars.

We expect a great race! Many of the past winners have already checked
in to re-claim their titles. Richard Barnum-Reese will be there to
shoot the starting gun and each one of you are in for another race of a

Tell your friends to hurry and get in. We are almost to our max
capacity set by the forest service! Good luck to you all!



So, anyone want to come run this with me?


Anonymous said...

It's Reece. Richard Barnum-Reece.

Supercords said...

You are correct. But you should be directing your comments at brian, the author of the e mail, not me. I simply copy and pasted his message.


Anonymous said...

You're quite right. My apologies.

Rachel, et al said...

Ahhh. Eff Canyon. Yes, it's gnarley. If you arrive at the starting line alive I am quite sure you will finish the race.

Please direct a shout out for me there. I've spent many a night in that canyon and atop that peak. There are portions of my soul that linger there.

Ahhh. Eff Canyon. Thank you for the reminder. And speaking of gnarley, go hard and good luck!

Matt said...

This is a very cool race and would recomend it to anyone who wants a beat down, also the new race directors have made this race 10 time s better and more organized!!