Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cat 1 -- Shane 0

Forced myself to shower and dress before heading outside to view my handiwork. Would there be a cat waiting inside my cage? Would it be alive? Dead? Would the trap be sprung but no prey? Might a neighbor have come by and stolen the cage in protest?

Alas, none of these were the case. Instead, the cage lay there untouched, trap door ready to spring shut at any moment. What wasn't untouched was the pile of tuna I left for the pussy. No trace of it anywhere. Somehow, the cat entered the cage and scarfed down my treats without applying enough force on the pressure plate to spring the door shut behind it.

Even though he escaped this time, it's still good news. The tuna missing and abundant new f-ing paw prints all over my car are sure signs the cat was here last night, and will be returning tonight for more fish and vandalism. I'll be ready this time. I'll have that trap primed so that the slightest touch will send it snapping closed. Looks like I'll be having a tuna sandwich for dinner again tonight.

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