Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Caged Lion

Last night I moved the trap to a new location behind the shed in the grass. I wanted to make the cat think I was trying to hide the tuna from him. (It's all about getting into the mind of the cat) This time I slid the tempting tuna as far back as it could go in the cage, ensuring maximum exposure to the pressure plate. I also set the latch so that it was barely holding the door open. Everything was perfect.

Once again, I dreamed of cats. I was running late for work this morning, so I didn't check the trap until I was ready to leave. As I turned the corner behind the shed, I came face to face with a gigantic lion colored cat staring right at me. He looked cute and friendly, and I started to feel a little bad about the whole thing.

Realizing I couldn't leave him out there until I got home from work, I decided to lock him up in the shed. Don't want his delinquent owners finding him before the city picks him up. I did my best interpretation of The Cat Whisperer as I approached the cage. No dice. The cat went ballistic--hissing, baring its fangs, clawing at me, and banging its head against the door to get out.

My heart was pounding as I nimbly grabbed the handle and carried the caged cat into the shed. The beast must have weighed 30 pounds. Set the cage in the middle and latched the door behind me. I'll have them come by this afternoon to pick him up. Hopefully the neighbors won't see what's going on and seek retribution. Hopefully nobody will claim him and I won't have a pissed off, cage-wise cat sharpening its claws on my canvas top in a few nights.


Garden Philospher said...

Great adventure story. You forgot to worry about cat lovers reading your blog and stalking you and your car. I hope the cops actually show up.

Supercords said...

Not the cops, the animal control vehicle. I have no idea how they're going to coax this monster out of the cage and into their transport carrier. Sticks come to mind.

R.J. said...

You sound a little too good at this whole thing. It just makes me wonder how many other victims have been captured and locked up in that shed. Kind of like that freaky Bounty Man and his country cabin of horrors.